Saturday, January 22, 2011


Woke up at 11.30am today and washed up. Then went to pick JW up. Got back home and ate fried rice for lunch.

At about 2.30pm, we went to McD and bought a Big and Tasty Set and some apple pies. Came back to use the computer. Napped a little while too.

We took turns to shower before leaving to Sierramas. Met AS there for a short while. The next time I'll be seeing her will be in Brisbane.

At about 7.30pm, we drove off. Since it was jammed, we detoured and ate at the Kepong Food Court which was opposite Heaven.

Ordered Char Kuey Teow and some Popiah for dinner. Got back home at about 9.30pm.

Char Kuey Teow

Us kids then watched Despicable Me. Even though it was my second time watching, I still enjoyed the movie and laughed a lot. :D

Spent the rest of the night using the laptop till late...

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