Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Revisitng Mid Valley

Ate breakfast and some lunch before picking JW up. Then, we went to Mid Valley and bought tickets to watch Rapunzel.

Before going in, we got ourselves some popcorn and a hotdog. Movie was funny and good. I think 3D would have been better.

Anyway, we walked around after the movie and ended up in Paddingtons. Once we sat down, we realized that they don't have their tea-time set anymore.

And since we sat there looking at the menu for quite some time already, I decided to order a "Triple Decker". It wasn't that great and it was all ice cream. :(

Triple Decker - RM 6.50

Later, we paid the bill and went to Gelatissimo. Collected my salary for December and wished my ex-colleagues Happy New Year.

Came home and took a nap. Then, we watched TV before ordering Pizza for dinner. Pizza was good even though it was all vege.

Pizza Combo - RM 40.00

Waited for J to shower. Then, we watched "Easy A" which was funny but kinda pointless. Watch it if you have nothing to do.

Later, I sent JW home as usual. Came back and read the newspapers before blogging...

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