Monday, January 17, 2011


Woke up at about 9.30am. Used the laptop till 11. Then, mum and I went to Damansara Heights for my appointment. Had to wait about half an hour. Didn't have any serious problems. The dentist wasn't cheap though.

Later, we went back home for lunch. Watched TV till about 3.30pm before picking JW up. Had to refuel before going there.

Then, we headed to Pyramid because she needed to reload. Next, we went to back to Bangsar. Bought stuff from TMC and drove home.

We shared a packet of chips while watching TV. At about 8pm, we had our dinner. Then, we started making cheesecake.

Watched TV for a short while. Took my shower and came back down to watch "Breakout". Love that show because it is like a reality action movie. :P

Dropped JW back home after that. Got back to my room and blogged. Gonna end this post now. Night...

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