Thursday, January 6, 2011


Woke up at 9.30am and washed up. Drove to Sunway and picked JW before going to IKEA. There, I had curry puffs and soft drink while JW had hotdog and coffee.

Curry Puffs

Then, we spent about an hour or more walking in IKEA. Towards the end, I picked out a bucket of stuff worth slightly less than RM50. And YES, all the stuff I bought are actually NEEDS not WANTS. :P

Walked over to Ace Hardware and looked around for fun. Then, we went to the cafeteria and bought 15 pieces of meatballs to share. After that, we bought ice cream and some curry puffs for her housemates.

Meatballs (15 pcs) - RM 14.85

Ice Cream - RM 1.00

Drove back to her place. Waited for her to unpack, organize her stuff and do her laundry. After that, we came back to my place.

Rested for a while before we took the bikes out. Pumped air into the flat tires before cycling one round. We got thirsty and decided to go back for a drink.

But once we were done, it started to rain. So we watched TV till dinner time instead.

Ate dinner and some ice cream afterwards. Then, we came upstairs and took turns to play Bubble Spinner and What A Stupid Pidgeon.

At about 10.30pm, we went out for supper. Due to some construction and jam, we detoured to Syed. Ordered Naan and Teh O Limau. Had some papadam too.


Teh Tarik and Teh O Limau

Later, our drinks were too hot so we shared a Limau Ais. Went back home since JW left her phone at my place. Was too lazy to drive her back anyway.

Watched TV till 1.45am. Gonna go to bed now. Night...

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