Saturday, January 15, 2011


Woke up at 8.30am and got ready. Drove out to SS15 and attended the QUT Pre-Orientation in AusEd. Then at about 12pm, it was over.

Picked JW up and both of us went to BV. By the time we parked and arrived at Mizu, mum and J already finished their lunch. They were there earlier because J bought her Justin Bieber tickets.

Both of us ordered their Unagi set. It wasn't too great because it had bones inside. Was very full after lunch though.

Then, we went back home and watched TV. Later, we lazed around the house. J made pancakes and we ate some of it.

For dinner, we drove out to Restoran Mama (near Atria) for dinner with GG and PP. Mum ordered spicy food and since there aren't many of us that can take spicy food, we couldn't finish the food.

We got back home at 9.30pm. Quickly turned on "The Sound of Music" and watched it till it was 12.30am! It's really an evergreen movie. :D

Drove JW back home before I came back to my room and use my laptop. Anyway, it's close to 3am now. Goodnight!

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