Saturday, January 8, 2011


Woke up at 9.30am because an idiot was drilling in the house behind ours. All of us woke up and groggily washed up. By the time we were done, he stopped. :(

All of us went to McD for breakfast. We ordered the Family Breakfast Box 2. This time, I had the Egg Mcmuffin.

Family Breakfast Box

Later, J, E and I drove to Sunway. Picked JW up before getting Bubble Tea. Today's one was awesome for some reason.

We lazed around at home till it was 2pm. Dad then brought all of us out for lunch. Went to Backofen but there wasn't enough seats for us.

So, we went to an Italian cafe nearby instead. Ordered Lasagna which came cold the first time. Had to ask them to reheat it for us.


When we were done, all of us ordered an Apple Crumble to share. It was quite nice but we could taste sugar granules inside.

Apple Crumble

Hung around at home till it was dinner time. We decided to go to Sakae Sushi. The weather was so nice, JW, J and I decided to walk there.

We arrived at the restaurant before the others. Met this rude woman who just went and sat herself while we were waiting to be seated.

Anyway, we ordered some sushi and fried stuff. But, the sushi today was very bad. The inari colour was off and the cucumber maki tasted terrible. Kakiage portion was measly too!


Soft Shell Crab and Unagi Mentai


Later, we went to TMC and bought stuff before coming home. Watched some TV till it was 11pm. Drove JW home and came back to use the laptop till it was time to sleep...

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