Friday, January 14, 2011


Woke up at 9am today. By the time all of us were ready, it was already 10am. So, we decided to walk down for breakfast.

Went to Devi's and I ordered Roti Planta. It was terrible because it wasn't oily at all! And when I asked for Papadum, the guy told me they don't sell. What?!

Paid the bill and we walked to Village Grocer. Then, we went to TMC and bought stuff. Went back to Village Grocer and bought the rest of the ingredients.

Next was 112. We went in and played with JT till 12.30pm. Walked back home and started making spaghetti for lunch.

Beef Spaghetti

It tasted sour but everything else was great. Rested for a while before we made chocolate cake. Spent about 2 hours preparing the cake. Then, we left it to bake.

When it came out, JW and I made the icing. She then covered the cake in the icing. But when we ate the cake, only then did we realize that the cake was a failure. It was too compact because the cake didn't rise. :S

Chocolate Cake

Hung around till dinner time. Then, I drove everyone except E, mum and dad to Suria Mas. Had dinner in Chan Kee with SS and family.

Later, we went to their house for about an hour. Then, we went home to watch TV. At 12am, I drove JW back to her place.

Back home, I watched a little bit more TV before blogging till now. It's almost 2am and I shall go to bed now. Night...

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