Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Night in Genting

Woke up at 11am and YM told me they will be coming at 11.30am. I quickly showered and packed. Then, we hopped into the car with KK, AP and YM.

Drove up to Gohtong Jaya and had Roti Planta. Later, we went up to Genting and checked-in to the hotel.

Roti Planta

Rested for a while before going out again. JW got herself a Genting card. Walked around for a while before going back to the room. Changed my clothes before we went to the Casino.

Burger King a4dabbles - RM 9.95 (Genting only)

Onion Rings

Played the slot machines for a while before meeting AP, KK and YM. Later, we followed YM and AP to walk around First World.

I ended up getting a shirt from FOS and another 2 shirts from BUM Equipment. Left our stuff in the room before going for dinner.

Dinner was at this restaurant inside the casino. We had some salad and soup. Then, I had Pork Chop for main course.


Mushroom Soup

Pork Chop

After dinner, we walked to Resort Hotel and sat at Coffee Bean to chat. Later, JW and I went to the arcade. Spent RM20 playing the games there.

They had this new game called "Anger Explosion" which was very fun and funny. We scored quite a few tickets there too.

Before leaving, we redeemed 3 items from the counter with our 310 tickets. Then, we went to First World. Used the WiFi for about half an hour.

Next, we went into the casino and played at the slot machines for about an hour. Spent about RM30 to earn 1GP. And with that 1GP, we were able to redeem a free room in First World.

Before going back to our hotel, we bought 2 packets of Cheezels. Watched TV while eating the Cheezels.

Finally at about 2am, we went to bed...

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