Sunday, January 16, 2011


Woke up at about 10am. Used the laptop till 11am. We got ready and waited for the girls to come home. Then, we went to pick JW up. From there, we drove to GTA's house.

We weren't sure of the way so we wasted about an hour there. Finally reached the clubhouse at 2pm. Ate the catered food in the function room because today was our cousin's full moon celebration.

We left at about 3.30pm. Then, we went home and gathered our stuff. All of us including C and C squeezed into the van. Drove to JW's house to get her stuff. Finally, we went to Amaya.

Some people swam, some people hung out at the shed, and some people (including me) went to the gym.

After about slightly over half an hour, I left the gym. SS and I hit the sauna. Being in the gym and sauna reminds me of my college days with AC, DY and the rest of the gang.

The sauna here is more advance though. It has a thermometer and hygrometer. They also have a 15-minute hourglass on the wall. You can even set your own combination for the locker here. :P

20 minutes later, we came out. I started washing my face. Then, we rested a while before showering. By the time we were done, it was already 7.30pm.

Went back home just in time for Oprah at 8pm. All of us watched the episode where she reunited the cast of "The Sound of Music".

Dad ordered pizza from Sarpino's and it was really nice. Compared to the other brands, their pizza had lots of stuff on it! :)



The Butchers

Watched TV for another hour. Then, I used the laptop till 11.30pm. Sent JW home and came back to blog.

It's 1.42am already and I shall go to bed now. Night...

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