Saturday, June 19, 2010


Woke up at 10am and got ready for the gathering. Drove to Gardens and got my hair cut in QQCut, Midvalley. After that, I met up with AC, VP, and JC. We then waited for B to arrive.

Later, we went into Chili's. Took some time to study the menu before ordering. After that, we talked till the food came. Slowly ate our food and everyone did NOT finish their food. :S

Bottomless Tostada Chips - RM 10.95

Ice Lemon Tea - RM 7.25

Chicken Crispers - RM 22.95

Half way though, CT came over. After a while, B and CT left. The four of us then continued talking till 2pm. Paid the bill and continued walking for about 10 minutes. Then, everyone decided to go home.

Back home, I used the laptop while waiting for my family to come home. At about 4pm, we went to BISDS because dad needed to take some stuff. M drove us around the whole time. This is the first day of her "REAL" training. :P

After that, we then went to "The Club" in Mutiara Damansara. A distant relative was celebrating his birthday there most of our relatives were there too. Stayed there till 8pm before driving back to Bangsar.

Dropped M at her party before we drove to PJ. We had vegetarian dinner with most of the L family at this restaurant named "Tian Pin". Dinner was just okay. Later, we drove to TMC to get some stuff.

Then, we drove home and I started using the laptop. It's 12.15am now and I shall end this post. Goodnight everyone. :)


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