Friday, January 28, 2011

Dad's Birthday

Woke up at about 9am and finally went for Dim Sum in Ming Court. Love their fish balls here because they were very smooth!

Fish Balls

Lo Mai Kai

Chee Cheong Fun

Lo Bak Gou

Black Sesame Paste

Later, we went back to her place and watched TV till we got hungry. At 1pm, we drove to Big Tree Foot.

This time, we only took the "liew" without any noodles. Each of us ate about 5 pieces and were full after that. We were also lucky to have some crispy Fu Chuk!

Fu Chuk

Brinjal and Taufu

Other fried stuff

Went back to her house and I packed my stuff. Left Ipoh at about 3pm. Drove back without stopping and finally reached home at around 5.05pm.

Unpacked everything and rested in front of the TV. At about 7pm, I took my shower and waited for the rest to get ready.

We then went to Brickfields and had dinner at this Hainan Restaurant. Since it was dad's birthday, about 13 of our closer relatives joined us.

After dinner, we came back home for cake. SS bought a Tiramisu Cake which was good. Everyone stayed till about 10.30pm.

Watched American Idol till it was 12am. Then, I came up to blog.

Will be going to the IT fair tomorrow. Night...

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