Saturday, January 1, 2011


Woke up and showered. Then, JW and I went to Subway for breakfast. I had Chicken Slice with Egg and a cup of Teh Tarik. Later, we went to JW's house.

Chicken Slice with Egg - RM 6.30

She showered and changed into new clothes. Went back home and waited till about 12.45pm. All of us then headed to Sierramas for our cousin's 12th day celebration.

At about 4pm, we left and went to Carefour Subang. There, we did a little shopping before going home. Rested at home for a short while before going out for dinner again.

This time, we went to Aman Suria with SS and family. Ended up in "Chan Kee" for dinner. Later, we drove to "Houz Depot". Unfortunately, it was closed.

So we went back to SS's house and waited till 10.30pm. Then, all of us went back to "Kayu" to celebrate "1/1/11 11:11pm".

Teh O Limau Ais

Roti Tissue - RM 5.00

We ordered 2 Roti Tissues! It was fun. Later, C paid and all of us went home. Once back, I drove JW back to her place.

2 Roti Tissues (the other one was almost GONE)

Came back, showered, then started blogging till now. Gonna write yesterday's post. Bye...

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