Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pyramid Day

Went to pick JW up for lunch. Then, we went to Pyramid. Settled at Sushi Zanmai for lunch. I ordered Chicken Katsudon and we shared 2 plates of sushi.

Kappa Maki - RM 1.80

Inari - RM 1.80

Chicken Katsudon - RM 8.80

Then, we walked around till 3pm. Went back to her house to meet the landlord. Paid her rent and we headed back to Pyramid again because we have a dinner appointment with her friend.

There, we searched a few shops for a wallet. Just as we were going to give up, we went into Polo and found a good wallet with a reasonable price. So she bought it for me. :)

Polo Wallet

Later, we stopped by Cinnabon and ordered their Chocolate Paradis combo. For RM9.90, we get a Chocobon and a Chocolate Mocha. Wasn't to great though.

By the time we finished, it was already 6.30pm. Wasted 30 minutes to settle something which can't be settled today. Damn.

Then, we went to the skating rink and entertained ourselves. There were a bunch of old pros and I was admiring their skills.

Her friend called us at 7.30pm and we walked over to Garden Cafe. AF, SY, CK and JL was there. JW and I shared a Chicken Teriyaki which wasn't to great. For that price and portion, it was not worth it.

Chicken Teriyaki - RM 18.90

We stayed there and chatted till almost 9pm. Then, we headed to San Francisco Coffee. Tried their new drink, "Extreme Buzz". It had coffee ice cream, coffee beans and cappuccino in it. The moment we took a sip, we could feel COFFEE in our system! Must try for caffeine lovers!

Extreme Buzz - RM 15.50

Next, the girls went to a few shops. Last stop was FOS where SY and CK bought stuff. Just as they were paying, the shop was about to close.

Said goodbye to everyone and went back to JW's house. She packed her stuff and we drove back home.

We'll be going to Genting tomorrow. Goodnight!

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