Monday, January 31, 2011

Happening Day!

Woke up at 10.30am and got ready. Then we went to Gardens. I went to cut m hair at QQCut. Later, we had lunch at Dragon-i. Ordered their "Siew Long Pau" and "Lau Sha Pau".

Siew Long Pau

Lau Sha Pau

Then, we spent the rest of the day walking all over Mid Valley. In the end, I bought 5 shirts. During our break, we had Krispy Kreme and "Guai Lin Gou".

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed

Guai Lin Gou

Went back home at 6.30pm. Few weeks ago, we complained about the service at Chili's. Someone replied my email and they sent us RM100 worth of vouchers.

Chili's Vouchers

Waited for J to finish tuition before going to Delicious for dinner. There, I shared a Carbonara Spaghetti with M. We also ordered Wedges with Sour Cream.

Carbonara Spaghetti


For dessert, we had their Classic Chocolate Cake. It wasn't so nice anymore though...

Classic Chocolate Cake

Came home and made Konyaku jelly using our new moulds. We'd be eating them during our reunion dinner.

Jelly in moulds. :)

Started using the computer till about 11.30pm. Took my shower and spent the rest of the night talking to JW...

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