Friday, July 31, 2009

The Taking

Woke up at 7am again today and had "twiggies" and "rocky" for breakfast. Then, I showered, packed my laptop, and drove to TPM. I was kinda reluctant to turn off the laptop because the download speed was fast. In the end, I still turned it off...

Reached TPM at 8.20am and waited for AC. He told me DY wasn't coming today and we walked to class. We had our PSPD lecture for 2 hours, then went to level 3 for our MMA. She gave us a pop quiz today and we were allowed to leave after submitting the answers.

All of us left the place at about 1pm. KW, AC, ZS and I then went to Rabbit Cafe (near SMK Sri Saujana) for lunch. The set lunch there was quite worth it as we paid RM 8.90 + 5% tax for appetizer, main dish, and a drink.

Rabbit Cafe

Set 9 - RM 8.90

I ordered the Set 9 (Special Fried Rice) and it tasted fine. Overall, I reasonable amount paid for a full stomach. After lunch, we sent KW to the LRT station and drove to IOI mall. Our plan was to watch HP6 but decided to watch Pelham123 instead because AC needs to pick his brother up later.

The tickets here were only RM6 and it is GSC! But, this is the WORST GSC outlet ever. The seats weren't elevated, the floor wasn't carpeted, and we could even hear the projector rolling while on watching the movie.

Before the movie started, we went to hunt for a mouse (computer peripheral) as ZS didn't have one for his new laptop. After that, we went to the cinema. 1 hour and 30 minutes later, the show was over. To me, this show is worth watching. Go watch it and give your own opinion.

Anyway, we then dropped ZS back home before going back to TPM. AC then dropped me at my car and I went home too. Once back, I turned on the laptop and played MS. Managed to level up in less than 1 hour.

After that, I decided to stop MS and started playing Sims3. I played the game for a while and spent the rest of my time building a house from scratch! Showered at 7pm and went downstairs for dinner later.

Next, I came back upstairs and played Sims3 again till about 10pm. I then started blogging till 11pm. Had to stop and followed dad to Baskin Robins to buy ice cream. It was already 11.20pm but the shop was still packed! Even 13 staff couldn't really handle the crowd (due to improper planning).

I ordered 3 quarts of ice cream (mint, chocolate chip, and also jamoca). After dad paid, we waited a while before collecting our ice cream and went home. Reached home at 11.45pm and continued blogging.

BR Ice Cream!!

Was sidetracked because I started reading someone's blog. I finally decided to stop reading and going on with my own blog. It's 7 minutes to 1am and I should really sleep. Night...

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