Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She's Back

Woke up at 9am and used the laptop for a while. Then, I ate some biscuits, showered, and drove to TPM. Walked to class and reached there at 10.30am. Surprisingly, I was only the second person in class! ZS and I even wondered if we were in the wrong class!

About 15 minutes later, the people started to flood in. We then did our tutorial as usual. Since we finished early, we had time to look at ZS's new laptop and also watch KW play with the PSP. When class was over, we drove to my car to take my stuff.

Then, all of us went to the gym. Since DY didn't come, we brought along KW and he just sat there waiting for us. Less than an hour later, we went into the sauna. Stayed there for about 10 minutes before taking our shower.

When we were all done, AC and I drove to Alam Damai for lunch at "Restoran Jun Kee". We ordered the 4+1 set which cost RM 68.80. The food was just okay. Plus, it was quite far away. After paying up, I drove KW and ZS to APIIT while AC dropped AL and MY at the workshop.

4 Dishes 1 Soup - RM 68.80

Finally reached home at about 4pm. GM was back from the hospital and there was a confinement lady here to take care of GM. I then came upstairs and played Sims3. After a few hours, I managed to make my character give birth to a Ghost baby!

Went downstairs for dinner at about 7.30pm. After dinner, I stayed downstairs to mingle around with our guests. Then, I came upstairs and started using the laptop to chat. SC and LC then came at 9.45pm. SC and I played B2 till about 11.10pm and we switched to COD4.

Unfortunately, COD4 wasn't working for me. I then watched them play one round. After that, everyone went home. So, I started blogging till now. Should be sleeping soon. Bye...

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