Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum & C

Instantly woke up as the alarm rang at 7am. I then showered and ate breakfast with my eyes still drooping. Left the house at 7.50am and drove to TPM. Was there early again and I waited for AC and DY.

We met ZS and went to class. Miss Right taught us for about 40 minutes and then met each of us one by one for us to present our work. I did my presentation quite early so I had a lot of time to chat. Haha.

Class ended at 10.30am and we went for lunch at 11am. Sat in AC's car and he drove to Endah Parade. We had lunch in KFC. I ordered a Zinger Combo but somehow I feel that the Sri Petaling outlet tasted better.

Zinger Combo - RM 9.25
**oops, finished the wedges before taking pic!**

We stayed in KFC for quite some time chatting. Then, we walked around the complex doing random stuff (DY bought a watch, AC bought hairspray, we walked ALOT). Finally left the place at 1pm.

Before that, we went to buy Yogi Yogi Ice Cream. I ordered a chocolate ice cream and AC paid for me since I didn't have change. But when we reached the autopay, they didn't accept cash so I managed to dig up RM 1 worth of coins for the parking. Lol...

Yogi Yogi Chocolate - RM 1

AC dropped me at my car and I drove home. Reached home at 1.30pm and used the laptop to facebook and watch TOAP. Went to take a nap at 6.30pm and woke up at 8pm! Since there was no more dinner, I went down to 112 for fruits.

Had some durian and rambutan while watching TV and chatting before dad came. Dad talked to them for a while and we went back home. Once home, I was invited to a group chat with my primary classmates.

Not even 5 minutes into the conversation, I already had to say bye and get into the Avanza. The whole family went to pick J up from tuition and we went straight to A&W. M and E ordered waffles while mum, dad and I shared a Tidal Wave (8 scoops!).

Waffle with Ice Cream

Tidal Wave - RM 10.10

At about 10.30pm, we left the place and came home. By the time we got back, my primary school friends already finished their chat. Started blogging till now (11.44pm) and shall be sleeping after the photos gets uploaded. Bye...

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