Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lifeless Day

Woke up at about 9am again and had some bread for breakfast. I then used the laptop for a short while before showering. Packed my stuff and drove to TPM. Waited for everyone before we walked to class.

PSPD went on for 2 hours and was finally dismissed at 12.30pm. We spent about 15 minutes deciding what to do and where to eat. AC suggested McD so all of us went into my car and I drove to McD.

McChicken - RM 0.00

Vanilla Cone - RM 1.05

I used my "McChicken" voucher and got my burger free. The rest of them ordered the lunch set. After our lunch, we went to buy ice cream. I got myself a vanilla cone. When we were done, I dropped everyone off and went home.

Reached home at 2pm and started using the laptop to play Sims3 while I burned DVDs with the Desktop. Finally managed to clear up some space on my harddisk thanks to those DVDs. Total about 20gb cleared! Woohoo!

Stopped playing Sims3 at 7.20pm and went downstairs for dinner. Came back up to use the laptop for another hour before taking my shower. At 8.30pm, I went downstairs to watch TV.

The series is called "Parental Guidance" which was a Singaporean production with Jessica Hsuen (HK actress) in it. The series was kinda typical and their English was TOO PERFECT that it didn't sound natural.

After that, I stayed on and watched "Incredible Tales". This series is also Singaporean which replaced "Mr Siao". It is very similar to "Are You Afraid of the Dark" shown on Disney Channel when I was still young. Basically ghost stories with narrators. In my opinion, reading TSG is even scarier than this lame series. Lol...

Came back upstairs to chat and surf the web. Dad bought some "Pau" home and we went down to have some. After that, I started writing this post and stopped to watch "Bleach 227". It's only 10.45pm now so I guess I'll play another hour of Sims before sleeping. Night...

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