Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crazy Night

M woke me up at about 8am and I quickly washed up. Then, dad drove all of us to Eden City to have dim sum breakfast with SS and family. The food today was quite nice. After an hour or so, we asked for the bill. Total was about RM 66. Dad paid and we left.

Dim Sum

Fried "Lo Bak Gou"

Dropped C back at 105 before going home. Used the laptop for a short while before driving the Rav4 while dad drove the Persona to Pudu. We wanted to sent the Rav4 in for a "thorough cushion cleaning".

The guy there wasn't rude but talked as if he didn't want the business. When we decided to let him do it, he told us he is not free this week. So, we drove off. Since we were in the area, we drove to the "Pudu Digital Mall" (unsure of name) to buy some Wii games for RM 8 each.

Next, we went to a workshop to check some stuff out. Finally, we went home. Back home, we tried out the "HSM3 Dance" game. It was quite enjoyable. Managed to use the laptop for a short while too.

At about 1pm, dad brought us out for lunch. We went to this coffee shop called "Tai Choong" along Old Klang Road. I had Barley and Char Kuey Teow which was just okay. After that, we went inside "3rd Mile Square" to check something out.

Restaurant Tai Choong

Char Kuey Teow

Barley - RM 1.20

We then went home and rested for 10 minutes before driving to UMSC to visit GM. Stayed there for about an hour before coming back home. I then played HSM3D with M for nearly half an hour before starting to play Sims3.

At 6pm, I stopped playing and watched Bleach 227 while waiting for my turn to shower. At 7.15pm, all of us were finally ready. We made a last minute decision to have dinner at Fish and Co.

As usual, I ordered Fish and Chips. Food came quite fast today and the fish was good. Fries wasn't nice though. In about 40 minutes, we were already done. Dad paid the RM 62+ bill and we went to pump petrol.

Fish and Chips - RM 9.90

Mushroom Soup + Cola Tonic

Bill - RM 62.35

Once home, we quickly grabbed some stuff and I drove straight to UMSC. 1 hour and 10 minutes later, we came home. Used the laptop to watch another episode of bleach before starting our COD party.

Gotta finish this post before starting. So, bye...

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