Thursday, July 16, 2009


Woke up at 7am today and quickly had breakfast. After showering, I turned on the laptop to print the tutorial answers. Every page I printed made the printer jammed. With some help from dad, I finally finished printing the answers.

Drove to TPM and waited for AC and AL. We then walked to ENT3 for class. Once the class started, we realized that we did not print the "Minutes of Meeting"! It was actually everyone's fault because we didn't communicate properly.

Our leader had to explain that to the lecturer. Luckily, we weren't the only group that did this mistake. After all that, we were the first group to present. The presentation wasn't that satisfying but still passable.

Sat there waiting for all the other group to finish their presentation before class ended. Before the class officially ended, there was some drama after a new member was added to my team. Anyway, problem was solved already so we shouldn't talk about it.

My friends and I then went to the lab and printed out the "Minutes of Meeting". After passing it to our lecturer, we went to Jojo Kitchen (Kuchai Lama) for lunch. Ordered a Traditional Pan Mee without any drinks.

Traditional Pan Mee - RM 5.50

By the time we were done, we drove back to TPM and was still early for class. Went to the lab for an hour of MMA. We (self)learned how to tween shape, size and colour today. After that, we went to the opposite class for CSA.

At 3.45pm, we went home. Reached home at about 4.20pm and started using the laptop. Played sims3 till 7.30pm again and went to have dinner. Used the laptop for another round before showering.

Once I came out of the shower, AP, KK and mum asked if I wanted to have "Guai Lin Gou". Replied yes and quickly went to change. Mum drove the 3 of us to Petaling Street. We parked the car and walked to "Koong Woh Tong" which was right in front of Petaling Street.

Large Gui Lin Gou - RM 9

The four of us shared 2 big bowls of "Gui Lin Gou". One bowl cold, one bowl hot. We chatted a short while before going back home. Dropped KK and AP at 112 before that. Back home, I played another round of Sims3 before I started to blog and chat.

It's already 12.30am and I haven't uploaded the pictures. Really have to sleep soon. Bye...

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