Saturday, July 18, 2009

Driving and Driving

Got a call from AM asking if I wanted to have breakfast at 9am. I agreed and quickly washed up. Drove the Rav4 down to 112 and we went to "Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa" which was few doors away from SNM.

Nasi Lemak Biasa - RM 2.95

Breakfast Set 2 (Teh Tarik+Roti Bakar) - RM 3.95

Bill - RM 16.30

I ordered a Nasi Lemak Biasa, and Breakfast Set 2 (Teh Tarik+Roti Bakar). The nasi lemak was okay and so was their other food. The good thing about this place was that they have polite staff and good music.

Dropped AM at 112 before I came home. I then played sims3 for a while before blogging for yesterday. At 12.30pm, mum brought E and M for lunch. J and I didn't want to go. About 10 minutes later, YM asked me to go down for lunch with AM.

I then went down to 112 with the Avanza and played with the kids for a while. YM, AM and I then brought DZ along to Chun Heong for lunch. He was very naughty when following us though. Our plan was to have "pan mee" but they were already sold out.

Pork Meat Noodles - RM 4.50

So, we ordered 2 bowl of "Pork Meat Noodles". After I finished eating, AM and I had to leave YM alone because DZ wanted to use the toilet. We quickly brought him to BV and I took him to the washroom.

After we came out, YM came to look for us and we went to buy some chocolates for the kids. The four of us then walked back to 112. I played with the kids for about 15 minutes before AM made me a "Mango Lemon".

Mango Lemon Drink

About 10 minutes later at 3pm, CM and I went to pick J and M. CM led me to UMSC and we went to visit GM. She just did her operation about an hour ago and was still sleeping. C and K were there with her.

She woke up for a while to say "Hi" and went back to sleep. We stayed for about 15 minutes before going back to 112. Back at 112, we had 白果意米腐竹糖水 made by CM. It tasted quite good actually.

Tong Sui by CM

Minutes later, WM and YM came back with the 4 kids from buying some ingredient from TMC. WM was totally exhausted and happy to be home. It was just as if she came home from HELL! Wahaha.

Not long after that, SC came home. SC, YM and I then drove to Kelana Jaya to collect YM's car from the servicing shop. On the way home, we say LC. He was on the way to my house as we invited him for a COD party again.

SC quickly went down to 112 and took his stuff. M and J also came into the car as they wanted to go home too. Everyone then went into our house and started playing COD4 Multiplayer. Due to some technical error, our game was delayed for half an hour.

We played till 6.30pm and I went to shower. Suddenly, mum said she wanted to go for dinner. So, I had to chase the 2 guys out of the house before we left for dinner. Mum brought us to Delicious at BVII.

I ordered a Caesar Salad and we ordered a plate of French Fries to share. The Caesar salad was really nice and the french fries were good too! For dessert, we ordered the classic chocolate cake and shared it with everyone.

Caesar Salad - RM 19.90

French Fries - RM 8.90

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 0.00 (worth RM 11.90)

The 2 vouchers

The total bill came out to be RM 87++ because mum had a "RM 20 off" voucher and a "Free dessert" voucher. After paying, we walked back to our car at BV. Once we reached home, I went to take the Rav4 key and drove down with J and M to pick KK and AP.

Five of us went to UMSC again to visit GM. We reached there at about 9.15pm and stayed there for about 15 minutes. Everyone else started to go home so we decided to do the same. We then went back to 112 and watched some TV.

At 10.15pm, I drove the Rav4 back up and drove the Avanza down to 112 again. All (eight+one) of us then went to Section 17 for supper. We ordered 3 single dishes and shared them with each other.

By the time we reached 112, it was already 11pm. The people living there went down and the 3 of us went back home. I started using the laptop to facebook and blog till now (1.01am). Luckily, the pictures are already uploaded while I was typing. So, night...

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