Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Visit to JPJ

Woke up at 9am today and went to have 2 Quaker bars for breakfast. Showered and then drove to TPM. Waited for AC, KW and AL before walking to class. The lecturer didn't do much today. He just gave us a tutorial question.

We spent about an hour chatting before doing our work. Copied last week's lecture notes back onto a piece of paper and handed it in to Mr Baby. After we gave him our work, we were allowed to go back home.

The six of us (AC, W, ZS, AL, MY and I) went to the Million Castle (beside 7eleven) in Sri Petaling for lunch. We ordered the set again but choose some new dishes to try. Overall, it was a satisfying lunch. The best was still the "Ham Dan" chicken.

5 Dishes 1 Soup - RM 68.90++

We chatted till about 1.45pm before paying the bill. The total was RM 90.10 so each of us paid RM 15. AC dropped me at my car and I drove home. Reached home at about 2pm and used the laptop for a short while.

Dad came home and brought me to JPJ. We went to attach my name to the Rav4. Spent about 45 minutes there before settling everything and coming home. Back home, I watched TOAP till 6.30pm.

I then went to shower and came upstairs to play Sims3. Mum bought some "Char Siew Rice" home for dinner since GM didn't cook. After dinner, I came back up to continue playing Sims3. At 9.15pm, I stopped and watched the final episode of TOAP.

Finished watching the show at 10.20pm. Since I was going to watch DH in a few minutes, I brought the whole laptop downstairs and "fished" during advertisements. Came upstairs again at 11.45pm and started blogging.

It's already 12.17am and I shall be going to bed as soon as the pictures gets uploaded. Night...

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