Thursday, July 30, 2009

Avoiding Trouble

Woke up at 7am, had cereal, showered and drove to APIIT as usual. Waited for everyone to arrive before walking to ENT3 for class. SAD tutorial went on for 2 hours before all of us went to Old Town for breakfast.

Breakfast Set 1 - RM 4.50++

I ordered Set1 as usual. KW and I were checking out MapleStory while the others were watching a movie. KW bought an in-game item and used it. Unfortunately, he FAILED! So, he was quite down for the rest of the day.

By 12.30pm, we went back to APIIT for our MMA lab session. It was kinda fun making a guy walk with a moving background. Then, we went to the opposite class for CSA. Another 2 hours later, we were dismissed.

Just before I went home, AM smsed me and said she wants to follow me home. I then waited for her and sent her back to 112. Reached home at about 4.20pm. Played the MonsterBash quest on MS till about 6pm.

GM then called me down and asked me to drive to SS's house. Since she asked, I didn't reject her even it was rush hour. Luckily, the music was nice so I was pretty much relaxed during the jam. Reached SS's house at 7pm and got the mattress with the help of SS.

Both of us then drove back here. We unloaded the mattress and replaced it with GM's one. Next, we had dinner. After I showered, I went on to play MS till 10pm. Not long after that, SS and I drove the other mattress back to their house with SS, K and C driving in another car.

Along the road opposite of Eastin Hotel, SS slowed down and a motorcycle hit the back of her car. The number plate came off but the 2 motorcyclist just said sorry and rode off. Luckily, nobody was injured and the damage wasn't even serious.

SS and I then went on to their house and brought the mattress back inside. After that, I drove home. Reached home at 11.20pm and decided to start blogging in front of the TV. I wanted to watch the repeat of DH but then found out that last week was the last episode!

Anyway, I decided to watch the show that replaced DH which is called "Cupid". It's about cupid being sent down to earth. He has to help match make 99 true loves before going back to heaven. Therefore, I will only be going to bed after this. Night...

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