Monday, July 27, 2009

The 11th Day

Woke up at 7am today and had some buns for breakfast. I then read the newspaper before showering. At about 7.50pm, I drove to TPM. Reached there at 8.10am and walked to class with AC and DY.

Our SAD tutorial went on for about 1 hour and 30 minutes before we went down for a break. Once we came in the class, our lecturer dismissed us. My group then had a meeting till about 11am. After we settled our stuff, I rejoined my gang.

The five of us then went to the Gym. About more than an hour later, we decided to stop. All of us then went into the sauna. The sauna was actually quite fun. After that, we showered and got dressed.

We then ended up having lunch at Old Town. I ordered the Set lunch 1 (Hor Hee) which was actually "hor fun" with fish balls and fish cakes. The set also came with Pepsi. Which I thought was kinda weird for a Chinese dish.

Hor Hee Set - RM 6.90

After paying up, AC, ZS and I went to IOI to settle some stuff for ZS. After going to the Maxis Centre, we walked to McD and had a Sundae Cone. Then, we sent ZS back home and went to TPM. AC dropped me at my car and I drove home.

Vanilla Sundae - RM 1.05

Back home, I started playing sims3. I tried killing my sim for about 3 hours and still failed. Went to shower and 7.10pm and played sims3 again after that. Within the next 15 minutes, I managed to drown my sim.

Once M came out of the shower, we went over to 97 for dinner. Right after dinner, we came home. Waited for M to finish her homework before going to UMSC. At 8.20pm, we picked KK and AP then drove on to the hospital.

Today, the owner of the Home Nursing company came and talked to us. We spent 1 hours and 20 minutes there before leaving. Reached home at 10.40pm. I then started to play MS. Since KW needed help, I left my character there and went on blogging.

It's already 12.20am so I probably would be going to bed soon. Night...

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