Monday, July 20, 2009

First Times

Woke up at 7am and used the laptop for a while. I then showered and drove to TPM. Was my first time driving the Rav4 to college. Anyway, went to class and sat there for 2 hours. After that, we went to print our proposals.

Waited till 11.40am before going to L2-6 to hand in our proposals to Miss Aida. After that, we then went to the Gym. We went to register and paid the fees (RM 50 + RM 20). After changing, we finally went inside.

First, I did 1km of running at an average of speed 8.0. Then, I took a short break before trying out the stairs machine. Didn't really like it so I went to the bicycle. Did 1km of cycling before all of us went to the other room.

This room was filled with strength-training equipment. Tried out a few of the machines and did some of the upper body strength trainings and finally ended it with the lower calf machine. All of us then evacuated to the bathroom.

I decided not to go to the sauna today because I didn't want to shower. But after everyone showered, I decided to shower too... When we were all done, we walked over to PitStop for lunch. To our surprise, it wasn't there anymore.

Big Mac Set (regular) - RM 7.95

So, we diverted to McD and ordered their lunch set. I got myself a Big Mac set. We stayed there and chatted for quite some time. Even had ice cream for dessert. Dropped ZS and AL at APIIT. Then, I drove AC and DY to LowYat.

We walked around shopping for DY's laptop adapter. While on the escalator, DY squeezed the bottom of his paper cup and the whole Large Sprite flowed down. Luckily the escalator didn't go haywire.

After about an hour, we went downstairs to look at some cameras and memory card. We left the are at about 4.30pm. Traffic was heavy right after we left the plaza. Finally reached home at 6pm!

I then used the laptop and also did some DVD burning. At 7.10pm, we went over to 97 for dinner. Came home right after dinner to settle the DVDs. At 8pm, I went to pick AP, KK and YM. We then went to UMSC as usual.

Stayed in GM's room and chatted till 9.30pm before going home. Dropped them at 112 and I went to refuel my car. Full tank costs me RM 83 and that wasn't even V-power. Damn! Came home and then started using the laptop.


It's already 12am and I haven't decided if I should go pick dad or go to bed. Hmm...

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