Thursday, July 2, 2009

Careless Mistake

Woke up at 7.25am, had breakfast, quickly showered and drove to TPM. It was raining heavily and was lucky to find an empty "APIIT Staff" parking at ENT3. I quickly parked there and went to class.

I was not considered late because I walked in just in time. Our first SAD lesson then begun. Miss Right thought us about systems today and dismissed the class 2 hours later. While walking to our car, we saw that my car go clamped.

Curious, we went forward and noticed that it was an "APIIT STAFF" parking anymore! It was replaced by "BERSAMA". If I knew it wasn't APIIT, I wouldn't have parked there! Anyway, what's done is done and there's no point regretting but to learn from that...

We then went in AC's car for brunch as our next class was 12.30pm till 3.40pm. AC drove to Sri Petaling and we ate in Old Town White Coffee again! This time, it was 10.58am already and we still took our time ordering the Breakfast Set. For a change, I ordered Set 5 (western breakfast).

Set 5 (Western Breakfast) - RM 5.90

Food came quite fast today and it also tasted quite good. We chatted and used the laptop till about 11.30pm before going back to APIIT. Went to the lab and used the computer till our MMA (Multimedia Application) lecturer arrived.

She introduced herself and I'll refer to her as Miss A. All of us introduced ourselves and also told her what we expect from her. By 1.40pm, class was over. We then walked across to L3-1 for our CSA class.

We learned how to convert binary, hexdecimal, and decimal numbers to each other. Mr Baby then let us off at 3pm. I then borrowed RM 50 from AC and called the TPM guy. AC waited with me till they came to unclamp my car.

First car to be clamped today! Lol...

After that, we both went back to our own homes. Back home, I ate some leftovers from lunch and bread from Baker's Cottage. Went upstairs and started using the laptop till 6.30pm. Then, I went to pick AM up and waited for her to buy some food from Nam Chuan for dinner.

Dropped her back at 112 and came home. Waited for my download to complete before packing up the laptop and drove down to 112. Before leaving, I told dad about the clamping and he said it was "unnecessary money". Before he said anymore, I walked to my car.

Set up my laptop in 112 and chatted while waiting for dinner. AM cooked the egg while the rest was bought from Nam Chuan. She asked me how I'll score the egg and I told her 65/100. Later, we watched TOAP together till 8.30pm.

Our dinner

YM came home and both of them watched Flaming Butterfly on TV. DZ called to look for his grandparents and it was quite hilarious. SC came back at 9.15pm and I continued blogging and chatting.

Red Bean Soup (too bright)

AM took out her "Red Bean Soup" but it was too bland. She then went in to add some sugar. Tasted okay considering it was her first time cooking this. Installed COD4 and played 2 missions. Gonna settle everything here and plan not to turn on the laptop anymore at home. Night...

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