Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting Exciting

Woke up at 9am again and had cereal for breakfast. Went to shower and drove to TPM. Reached there at 10.15am and walked to APIIT. Went to the lab and sat next to KW and ZS. The rest of them were late for class.

After an hour of PSPD in the lab, we went to L1-4 to continue our tutorial. At 12.50pm, we were allowed to go back. All of us went to KFC for lunch today. Since I was running low on money, I just bought a Zinger burger.

Zinger - RM 6.20 (after tax)

When we were done with our lunch, all of us went back home. I used the laptop till about 4.30pm before WM called me and asked if I wanted to visit GM. She then picked me up and we drove to UMSC.

We stayed there for 45 minutes before going home. Traffic was quite heavy but WM still managed to reach 112 on time. Back home, I showered and used the laptop till 7.30pm. Went downstairs to eat some vegetarian noodles that dad bought.

At 8.30pm, I drove the Avanza with 6 other passengers to UMSC to visit GM. This time, we stayed for 1 hour and 10 minutes. By the time we got home, it was already 10.20pm. Started blogging and chatting.

It's 11.31pm and I'm going to bed soon. Bye...

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