Sunday, July 12, 2009

COD4 Multiplayer Party

My phone rang at 9am and it was AM. She asked if I wanted to go for breakfast so I agreed. Washed up and drove the Rav4 to 112. AP, KK, YM and AM then came into the car and I drove to Section 17.

We went to "Good View" and all of us ordered "Wan Ton Mee". We waited for about 25 minutes because the guy there cooked dish by dish all by himself. About 90% of the shop was also eating the WanTonMee from his shop.

Wan Ton Mee - RM 4

All of our Wan Ton divided into 2 bowls

The noodles were actually too hard and I didn't like it. The char siew was very nice although it was burnt. Each dish came with at least 6-8 pieces of WanTon which was really generous. For RM 4 per plate, I guess it is worth it if you don't mind waiting.

After eating, AM paid for our breakfast and we walked around the market before going home. Dropped them back at 112 and went home to get my laptop. I then drove down and stayed in 112 to chat, play sims3, and watch TOAP.

AM's French Toast

AM's Neslo

At about 1pm, AM made french toast and I had that for my lunch. SC and I played COD4 Multiplayer till about 3.30pm. AP and KK then came back with some durian. After eating a few seeds, SC and I went back to my house.

LC joined us there and we played COD4 Multiplayer together till about 6.50pm! It was our first time playing together and it was really fun. Of course, I was the poorer player among them. Anyway, we stopped and I went to get ready for dinner.

SC and LC went back while our family went to DU for dinner. Mum wanted to have dinner at "Damansara Hokkien Fried" but was banned by dad because he said the food there wasn't nice. So, we went back to the Hokkien Fried stall near to the Kajang Satay Stall.

SS and family joined us for dinner too. We ordered some satay and brought it over to eat while waiting for the food. It was a bad experience because the food took very long to come! This was probably caused by the lack of management and organizing skills.

Luckily, we managed to finish our dinner by 9.20pm and reached home with still some time to relax before watching the last episode of GHOST. After the show ended, I came upstairs to read some blogs and write today's post.

Suddenly, dad called me and showed me a letter addressed to me from McD. It was a "thank you" letter because I took part in a contest earlier. Though I didn't win, they sent me 2 vouchers. With this, I can get a McChicken and Sausage McMuffin for free with any purchase.

McD Vouchers

Continued blogging but stopped to chat with some of my primary school friends. It's already 1am and I shall sleep AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Bye...

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