Saturday, July 11, 2009

Going Out for Every Meal

Was supposed to wake up and follow dad to send the car for inspection. Dad didn't wake me up so I slept till 8.40am. Started using the laptop and washed up. Dad came back at about 10am and brought us to T&C in DU.

White Coffee - RM 2.00

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 2.50

Western Breakfast - RM 4.90

Bill - RM 25.20

I ordered White Coffee, Kaya Butter Toast, and a Western Breakfast Set. The coffee was okay and the toast was ordinary. The western breakfast also wasn't that special. Compared to our first time here, there were more customers today.

Noise produced by the many customers drained the music which made it less enjoyable. The waiter on shift wasn't as polite and effective too. We played Monopoly Deal while waiting for the food to come.

After we were done with our breakfast, dad paid and we went to the Proton Service Center. After the previous service few days ago, the mechanic forgot to screw the door latch cover. So dad sent the car in for them to screw back the 4 missing screws.

5 minutes later, we drove home and I started watching TOAP. At about 1.30pm, dad brought us to Jalan Tung Shin for lunch. The coffee shop was called "Adik-Beradik Chia". Had the "Lo Min" and "White Coffee". Both, according to dad, was famous.

White Coffee - RM 1.60 each

Lo Min - RM 5.00 each

The Lo Min looked really nice and was quite good actually. Only bad thing is that the soup was too watery. Coffee was just normal. After our lunch, we went to visit DGG for about an hour before going home.

By the time we reached home, it was already 4pm. I watched TOAP anf played Sims3 till 7.30pm and went to shower. Waited for M to shower before all of us went out for dinner. Majority voted Chatterbohkx so we went there.

Kaya Thick Toast - RM 4.90

Fried Rice with Beef in HK Style - RM 10.80

Bill - RM 86.45

I ordered a Kaya Thick Toast and "Fried Rice with Beef in HK Style". The toast wasn't nice and the price was unreasonable. The bread was so thick but they only spread one layer of kaya! The fried rice tasted fine though.

Finally went home at 9.30pm and watched TOAP. I then drove down to 112 and waited till CM and family went off. SC, AM and I then went to Section17 for supper. I drove the Rav4 with AM in front and SC at the back.

We went to the mamak stall opposite the "tong sui" shop. I had some of their noodles and rice while I drank Iced Milo. Chatted till 11.10pm before going back. Since this was AM's "Dream Car", I let her drive us home.

Came back home by 11.45pm and started facebooking and blogging. It's already 1.10am now and I should sleep real soon. Night...

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