Friday, July 17, 2009

Late Night

Woke up at 7am and had some cakes for breakfast. Drove to TPM after washing up and showering. Reached APIIT at 8.10am and walked to class. We sat in PSPD class for 2 hours before going for MMA.

Class ended at 12pm and all of us went for lunch. When we reached the car park, AL's car couldn't start. After getting some opinions from our classmates, we decided that it needed a jump start. Luckily our classmate, K, had the device.

We jump-started the car and went to pick MY. Then, we went in two cars (I drove one) to Little Italy in Puchong. To our despair, that b*tch was there with her stup*d attitude again! I ordered a Set 1 (Mushroom Soup, Magh Pizza, and Sprite).

When the food came, AC was taking a picture of his soup. Suddenly, he dropped his phone into the soup. Before I could take a picture of his phone in the soup, he already took it out and wiped it clean. The b*tch then came and started her crap.

Set 1 (Sprite+Mushroom Soup+ Maghertia Pizza) - RM10.90

The pizza was not so good anymore. Sprite wasn't cold enough but luckily the soup was still good. AC and DY asked for kechup to go with their pizza. The B*tch then said "you guys are not pizza eaters". Totally pissed everyone off...

After we finished our lunch, we paid the bill and went to pet shop nearby. Then, we went to my car and drove back to TPM. We walked to class but there were still people inside. We went to the opposite class and hanged out for a while.

Went to class at 2.45pm and came out an hour later. I drove home and used the laptop for a short while. At 5pm, mum drove the Avanza and brought us (M, her 2 friends, J and I) to Wendy's, Jaya One.

Reached there at about 5.30pm and I ordered at Vanilla Twisted Frosty with M&M. After we ordered, we saw the receipt saying, "get a free strawberry shake on your next visit". If we had knew earlier, we could have bought each item separately and got 9 shakes! Anyway, the shake wasn't nice, so no loss here...

Vanilla Twisted Frosty with M&M - RM 2.50 (after 50% discount on Fridays)

Remember to check for promos on the receipts!

Strawberry Shake - RM 0.00 (Worth RM 5.99)

We left the place at 6pm and only reached home an hour later due to the "Friday Jam". I quickly showered and we went over to 97 for dinner. Came back home to play some games with AC while waiting for dad to call and bring us to the hospital.

We played the Wii for a while, then played Monopoly Deal till 11.45pm! Dad then came home and said it was too late to visit GM. He finished his appointment late. I then quickly used the laptop to settle some stuff online.

I was too tired to write a full blog post. So, I quickly wrote a draft for this post and only went to bed at 1am.

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