Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Week Ends

Woke up at 9.35am and used the laptop while eating some biscuits. YM then asked me if I wanted to join them for breakfast through MSN. I agreed and went to get ready. At 10am, they came to pick me up.

Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo, Segambut

We went to this shop called "Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo" in Segambut. The layout was very funny because they converted this bungalow into a restaurant. The place was packed with people but we still managed to find a place to sit.

Assorted Yong Tow Foo - RM 19+

YM took our orders and passed it to the waitress. Minutes later, our food arrived. The stuff here was actually quite good but RM0.90 per piece is kinda unreasonably priced. We finished our food quite quickly and went off. Total was RM 21.20 paid by YM.

They dropped me back home and I started with my proposal. Wrote down the proposal after getting the final idea. I then used the laptop for a short while before driving all of us (MM, AC, Mum, M, J and E) to BV for lunch.

Mum suggested Mizu so we went there. I ordered a Deep Fried Chicken with Breadcrumb set and we started playing Monopoly Deal while waiting for the food to be served. MM paid for the lunch and we went to Toys R Us to look around.

Deep Fried Chicken with Breadcrumb set - RM 23

Total Bill - Rm 223.10

Then, J, M, AC and I went back home to get the Starbucks tumblers. J, AC and I then went back to meet the rest of them. I then shared a Venti Green Tea Frap with J. We spend quite some time there chatting.

Starbuck's Chips - RM 4.80

**Pic Deleted**
Total Bill - RM 57.55

Iced NOT Blended!!

Before we went home, MM went to buy some groceries. Reached home at about 4pm or so. I then used the laptop to facebook and play sims3. Stopped at 6.30pm to shower. Suddenly, YM asked me through MSN again if I wanted to join them for dinner. I agreed.

At 7.15pm, I drove down and all the 112 residents hopped in. We went to Uptown in DU. I had Chicken Chop from Pang's while the rest had Curry Fish Head. AM paid for my chicken chop again. After dinner, I dropped them back at 112 before going home.

Chicken Chop - RM 7.50

Used the laptop while waiting for J to come back. The 2 of us then went to UMSC to visit GM. As we were parking, we saw SGG and family going home. Up at the ward, we saw our other relatives. Chatted for a while before leaving GM to sleep.

Iced Milo

SS and SS brought us out for supper at Devi's Corner. I had Iced Milo and they also gave me some ideas and helped me straighten out my story. After we were done, all of us went back to our house.

SS and SS came in and took some stuff before going home. I then started blogging and chatting till 12.30am. Should be going to bed soon. Night...

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