Friday, July 10, 2009

Long Time No See A

Woke up at 7am again today and ate some bread. After showering, I drove to APIIT and went to the discussion room. Played Sims3 till the lecturer came to class. 2 hours later, we went to PitStop and I stole some fries from my friends as usual.

Next, we went for our MMA class and was surprised to see Mr Rudolph instead of Miss Aida. He showed us some examples of assignments and dismissed us and hour later. He also told us that our tutorial class was canceled.

We then went to BBJ for lunch at this Chinese restaurant. Food was quite good but service was terrible. After lunch, I drove home and started playing Sims3. At about 3.15pm, mum brought AC and I to Sunway Mas for coffee.

She brought us to this place called Syin Loong. It is supposed to be famous for its white coffee. After ordering our drink, we started to chat. Coffee came soon and it wasn't that great. According to mum, it was nicer the other time.

Syin Loong Ipoh White Coffee - RM 1.90

We paid and left since it was about to rain. Before that, we drove thru McD and ordered some ice cream. Next, AC and I went to the Post Office to help mum send some letter while mum stayed in the car.

Since AC had nothing to do, he came over to our house. J and I played Monopoly Deal with him till 6.30pm. We then took turns to shower before going over to 97 for dinner. After dinner, we stayed in 97 and socialized.

At about 9pm, I was playing sims3 AND monopoly deal. Finally at 11.30pm, we decided to go home. Once back, I quickly finished my facebook stuff and started blogging at 12.15am! It's 12.40am already and I'm going to sleep real soon. Gotta wake up early tomorrow. Night...

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