Friday, July 24, 2009


Woke up at 7am again and went downstairs for breakfast. Had some biscuits while reading the newspaper. Came up to use the laptop for a short while. Then, I went to shower. After that, I drove to TPM as usual.

Waited for AC and AL before going to class. PSPD went on for 2 hours. After class, AL and I went down to the foyer and bought new "Hotlink Youth Club" Prepaid numbers. Was really happy because this new number isn't much different from my old one. Add a "0" after "8", minus the second "2".

HYC Prepaid Sim Pack - RM 8.80

After we bought, KW and ZS also decided to buy one too! Later, AC even convinced Miss Aida to get one. Our MMA class was combined with the tutorial. So, we sat in class for 3 hours before going for lunch.

All of us went to Million Castle again for their set lunch. This time, we ordered another fish because it was on promotion. Food was okay as usual but the service was REALLY good today. Left the place at about 2.20pm and paid RM 12.60 per person.

Our set lunch - RM 12.20 (average per person)

After lunch, all of us went to MY's house to look/play with her puppies. At about 3.10pm, we left and went home. Reached home at about 3.40pm and tried to do the MS Project tutorial. Didn't really get it and decided to give up.

I then played Sims3 till around 7pm. Then, I went to shower and had "bee hun" for dinner. At 8.10pm, dad drove us to UMSC. This is only the second time where I did not need to drive there. Stayed there for about 55 minutes before leaving. GM's much better already!

Before going home, We detoured to Section 17 and was supposed to buy some "tong sui" for supper. Unfortunately, the shop was closed so dad bought some "pau" instead. Back home, I started blogging since we plan to wake up early and go for breakfast tomorrow. So, night...

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