Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not Sleepy At All

Woke up at 9.10am which gave me just about 5 hours of sleep. Showered, ate some cereal, and used the VAIO before going to APIIT. PSPD class was interesting but the coolest part isn't here yet. Stuck with Pseudocodes and Flowcharts for now.

Class ended at 12.40pm and we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid. Once I parked my car, I walked to the Ice Rink to look for AC and ZS. The three of us then walked to RuffeyID to join DY. We walked around and finally settled at Senjyu Sushi.

They had a Chicken Teppanyaki set lunch which only cost RM 9.90. All of us ordered the same set but I added RM4 to get a Miso Soup, Green Salad, and Chawanmushi. The food here wasn't that great but it suits the pricing.

Chicken Teppanyaki Set (Addon) - RM 9.90 + RM 4.00

After lunch, we went over to A&W. ZS and AC ordered waffles and I had one bite from AC. I was too full to order anything else. When we were done, we walked around for another few minutes and went our seperate ways.

Reached home at about 4pm. Watched GWTC till 7pm and went to shower. At about 8.10pm, dad brought us out for dinner as GM didn't cook. We then went to Strawberry Fields for dinner. To our surprise, they have expanded their business and opened another outlet right next door!

I ordered Fish and Chips, Kaya Butter Toast, Peanut Butter French Toast, and a White Chocolate Mocha The fish and chips here was okay. Old Town still holds the record for "best kaya butter toast" but the French toast tasted quite special.

1/3 cup of White Chocolate Mocha ... RM 6.20

2/3 cup of Ice...

Fish and Chips - RM 9.50

Kaya Butter Toast - RM1.90

Peanut Butter French Toast - RM 4.00

Tiramisu - RM 4.80

Marble Cheesecake - RM 5.80

The only bad thing about this place is that the drinks are expensive. My latte was the WORST! Only 1/3 of the cup was latte while the rest was ICE! WAY OVERPRICED! For desert, we tried tiramisu and their cheesecake. Both of them were bad.

Conclusion, just go there for their food. Bring your own water and go to A&W for dessert. On the bright side, the staff was very well trained. Haha, maybe u should try them out yourself before deciding about that...

Total Bill - RM 93.50

Dad paid the bill and we went home. Bills were separated because the cafe and restaurant has separate cashiers. Reached home at 10pm and started with my tutorial. Completed it by 11pm and went on facebooking.

Quickly blogged till now (12.10am) and will be sleeping after the pictures are uploaded. Night...

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