Monday, July 13, 2009


Woke up today at 7.10am and went to shower and have breakfast. I then drove to TPM and went for class. The lecture today was so boring. Miss Right just talked and talked till the end of the class. After that, I had a short meeting with my group members before we went our own ways.

Our gang then decided to have lunch at "Lucky". AC even invited our new classmates to go out with us. For lunch, I ordered "Chicken Chop & Spaghetti" and a cup of "Iced White Kopi". We finished our lunch and all of them went back.

Chicken Chop & Spaghetti - RM 9.80

AC and I went to APIIT to use the Internet to buy tickets for "Obsessed" in GSC Mid Valley. The others didn't want to watch so it was only me and him. We drove to Mid Valley in our own cars and met up there.

While walking to GSC, I stopped at "I Love Yoo" and bought 1 "You Tiao" to share with AC. We finished it before going into the cinema. Since it was a weekday, there wasn't much people in the cinema hall. Took some popcorn from AC before the show started.

You Tiao - RM 1.40

I've been wanting to watch this movie ever since I heard about it. Mainly because Beyonce was in it and so was Ali Larter. My favourite part was the cat-fight at the end! Really enjoyed this show. Maybe I'm biased but you guys should go and watch it...

About 2 hours later, the movie ended at 3.30pm. Since there wasn't much to do, both of us said bye and went home. Just as I was almost reaching home, mum drove pass me. I went back home and got a call from M asking if I wanted to go Starbucks for a drink.

I said yes and went home to change and get ready. Few minutes later, mum picked me up and we went to BVII. I ordered a Venti Jelly Coffee Frappucino and found a nice spot to use the VAIO. I regretted ordering the Jelly Coffee because the jelly made the coffee tasteless...

Venti Jelly Coffee Frappucino (Split in 2 cups) - RM 16.00

Mum and I stayed there till 5.50pm before going back home. M and her friends were still there "studying". Mum dropped me off and went to pick E from school. I then used the laptop till 7.20pm and went to shower.

Quickly had dinner and came up to discuss some SAD group matters. Did some work before using the laptop again at 9.20pm. I then started watching TOAP and went downstairs for a while. Came up again to blog till now.

Since I still have time, I guess I'll watch another episode of TOAP before going to sleep. Bye...

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