Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PSPD Class

Woke up at 9am again this morning and used the laptop. Quickly went downstairs to have cereal for breakfast and went to shower. Drove to college and walked myself to the lab. I was the second last person to come in, last was the lecturer!

She taught us some stuff and only introduced herself at the end of the class. Since I haven't found her a suitable name, I'll refer to her as Miss J for the time being. Our class ended at 12pm and we left APIIT at 12.30pm.

AC, AL and MY went to watch "Drag Me To Hell" but I didn't want to go because I've already watched it. The rest of them went home and so did I. Back home, I used the laptop till 2pm. I then went downstairs for lunch.

M and J came home at 2.30pm. Dad came home few minutes later. Continued using the computer and stopped at about 3.50pm to pick dad up from Proton Service Center in PJ. Back home, I continued using the laptop.

At 6.15pm, I decided to go cycling. Went uphill and downhill three times before coming back home. I then went back to using the laptop. Suddenly at 7pm, AM came to our house. She had key to go home and had to camp here while waiting for SC to come pick her up.

We had dinner at 7.40pm and I did the same old thing again. We all gathered in front of the TV at 9pm to watch Mr Siao. After that, I went to take a shower before I start to facebook and blog. It's 11.40pm now and I'll sleep any minute. No pictures today though. Sorry...

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