Saturday, August 1, 2009

PC Fair 0709

Woke up today at about 9.30am. Had some garlic bread (made by dad) for breakfast and also had a bowl of "绿豆意米糖水". After that, I came up to use the laptop till about 12.40pm. We then finally went out for lunch.

The 2 mothers didn't want to have lunch at Subway. So, we (AC, M, J and I) went there ourselves while the 2 of them brought E to Delicious for lunch. At Subway, I ordered a Foot Long Chicken Teriyaki. I asked for most of the sauces and vege except chili.

Foot Long Chicken Teriyaki - RM 18.80

We sat there and ate our lunch for about an hour. After that, we walked to BV to meet the rest of them. While waiting, M and I wandered into a few shops. At about 2pm, we met them and went back home.

Dad was already home when we got back. Then, I convinced dad to drive to KLCC even though he said many roads were closed. Although most roads were closed, dad (the human GPS) managed to evade the jams and reached KLCC in about half an hour.

We decided to park in Novotel since the parking nearest to KLCC charged RM 10 per entry. This hotel only charged RM 5 per entry. After that, we walked to KLCC and went to Hall4. We didn't go upstairs since we didn't need to buy any laptops or desktops.

Dad and I walked to Hall 3 and already found what we wanted to buy. After a short survey, we decided to buy an 8gb Transcend Thumbdrive for RM 55 and a 320gb Transcend Harddisk for RM 239.

Transcend Thumbdrive and Harddisk - RM 294

Was kinda disappointed with a particular company because they advertised on the newspaper saying that the 8gb Transcend Thumbdrive was only RM 36! In less than an hour, we already bought our stuff and went back to the car.

Dad then drove back home while evading those jammed areas again. Reached home in about half an hour. I then started backing up the files on our desktop at 4.30pm. Till now (11pm), it only is at 50%...

Leaving that aside, I started playing Sims3 till about 7pm. After that, I went to shower and had dinner later. Then, I came up to play MS. In that 1 hour and 30 minutes, I managed to increase 2 levels!

SS and family came at about 9.30pm and brought some supper. After the break, I came back upstairs and continued using the laptop. Stopped playing MS and started blogging at 10pm. I finally finished this post about 1 hour later because I was chatting. Anyway, night everyone...

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