Thursday, July 23, 2009

As Usual

Woke up at 7am and had bread for breakfast. Read the newspaper and went upstairs to shower. Left the house at about 7.50am. Reached TPM at 8.15am and was still early. Walked over to ENT3 for class.

Today, we did some MS Project tutorials. 2 hours later, all of us went to Old Town for their breakfast set. To my surprise, they increased the Set 1 by RM 0.60 and some other dishes had major increments too.

Because of that, I started to dislike this place. And this minor price hike caused the usually packed restaurant to become a "not even half full" restaurant. Serves them right! This is what you get for increasing the prices...

Set 1 - RM 4.50

What a mess!!

At about 11.50am, we were almost leaving. Just then, AC spilled his drink! Luckily this time nobody left their laptop adapter on the table. Anyway, we went back to APIIT for class. Our 2 classes took 3 hours.

By 3.45pm, we were dismissed. Drove home and used the laptop to play Sims3 till 7.30pm. Had dinner after I showered. Then, I took the Avanza and drove them (AP, KK, SC, J and M) to UMSC.

Stayed for 45 minutes before coming back home. Reached home at 10pm and I started blogging. Trying to finish this post early so I can watch Land Of Lost before going to bed. Bye...

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