Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sims3 Is Great!

Woke up at 7am and helped DY print his work out. I then had 2 Quacker's Breakfast Bars. It was really yummy and filling! Showered and got dressed. Then, I went on to drive to APIIT. WL passed me the Sims3 cd once I reached class.

Tried to install it before the lecturer came in but I didn't make it. During the SAD class, Miss Hema briefed us on our assignments and SHUFFLED and SHUFFLED our groups. I ended up with K, CY, and D. Hopefully we can work this out...

After class, our gang went to Old Town again. I ordered Set1 as usual. While waiting for the food, I tried to install Sims3 again. The installation was already "finishing" but I ran out of battery and there was no powerpoint to be found!

Breakfast Set 1 -RM 3.90

Anyway, we finished our lunch and went back to APIIT for our MMA and CSA. We learnt "Flash" today in MMA and Mr Bean was teaching us about CPU in CSA class. Finally went home at 4pm.

Once home, I managed to install Sims3 and was so hooked that I played till 7.30pm. After dinner, I quickly showered. Mum then waited in the car while M and I went to CzipLee to buy some stationary.

2 Pens (RM 4.00) and a Testpad (RM 3.30)

Sunset Valley!!

Back home, visited "Sunset Valley" again till 11.30pm. Read some blogs and facebooked before finally writing today's entry. It's 12.15am already and I shall be sleeping as soon as this post is uploaded. Bye...

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