Tuesday, July 7, 2009

College Like No College

Woke up at 8.20am and went to wash up and shower. Used the laptop for a few minutes before driving down to 112. AM and I went to SNM for breakfast again. I ordered a Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. Their stuff here are slowly getting worst! AM paid and we went to TPM.


Dropped AM at APIIT and I went to park my car. Walked to the lab to meet up with ZS. At 10.30am, we went for our CSA tutorial. The lecturer just handed out our assignment question and let us go home.

Our gang then went outside for a while before going for lunch at "Million Castle" which is few doors away from Overseas in Sri Petaling. We ordered a set that came with 5 dishes and 1 soup. Food was actually good and so was their service. The bill was RM 80+ and each of us paid RM 13.


All of us went home after lunch. Back home, I downloaded TOAP while facebooking. I even created an event page on FB! At about 4.30pm, I packed the laptop and waited for J to shower. By 5pm, mum brought the 2 of us to BVII for coffee.

We parked at BVII and went to Starbucks. I had a Coffee Frap while J shared the Green Tea Frap with mum. Used the laptop while drinking till 6pm. Mum then dropped us back home and went to pick E.


I watched few episodes of TOAP and went downstairs for dinner. There wasn't much food left so I resorted to eating bread from the bakery. I found this "Sudoku X" in the Malay Mail and I was hooked onto it till 10.20pm.

Finished the puzzle just in time to rush downstairs and watch DH. I then came up and chatted for a while. I finally decided to join the few millions of people later to watch MJ"s memorial service. Though it sounds crazy, this is a once-in-a-liftime event.

Going to end my post here and prepare for the show later. Hopefully I can stay awake in class tomorrow...

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