Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anything BUT Revision!

Woke up in the morning and started to play GB. I was rushing to collect the puzzle pieces. In the end, I only completed 2 sets of puzzle. All I needed was 1 pieces each for the other 3 puzzles. But unfortunately, the server maintenance started and nobody could play GB.

So, I watched Dragon Wars instead. After a few minutes watching it with the DVD player downstairs, I came up and watched it on the VAIO. This is because the player downstairs was too sensitive.

In my opinion, the movie stinks. It's story is based on a Korean legend. The name "Dragon Wars" (aka. War of Dragons) made me think that both sides were dragons fighting each other. Turns out, the evil snake (not yet a dragon) and his army (weird dinosaurs and nonsense creatures) were fighting humans. The DVD was also another problem. At times, the colour turned into black and white.

After that, I went to my room and slept. I dreamt about seeing HZ in a cinema. And when I paid and got in, everyone started to leave. Haha. Anyway, when I woke up, I thought that it was a whole new day. I was so blur. I went out and realised it was still Tuesday!

Mum suggested we go to Haagen Dazs. So, mum, MM, M, AC, J and I went to the outlet in BVII. We ordered the FONDUE!! It was yummy! The only flaw was that they used a candle to heat up the chocolate which made it cold quickly. They should have used the fountain! And most importantly, they gave TOO LITTLE chocolate. Maybe it is jsut us that used too much chocolate.

Fondue from Haagen Dazs

Someone dripped chocolate into the cup of water

The bill came up to RM 50++. Luckily, Mum had the 30% birthday voucher or we would have paid about RM 70! We went to CB after that and I ordered the new Pina Colada Ice Blended. It has no coffee in it and tasted kinda milky. I still prefer the ULTIMATE better.

Ice Blended Pina Colada

We went home to watch DH. Before that, I watched the ending of Pushing Daisies. It looked like an interesting show. Something like a detective series that has no connection to the previous episode (example: CSI) with 50% of the dialog which belongs to the narrator (Arrested Development).

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