Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LF Reunion Dinner

Woke up in the morning and used the laptop. Then, we took the jelly out of the moulds. It was really fun.

Dad dropped me at TMC and I went to get beef. Came back and started making my Shephard's Pie. I was quite satisfied with the results because it was my first time and it did taste good. Made a simple salad for the side dish too.

Shephard's Pie

Right after our lunch, we made cheesecake. It was quite havoc because our blender broke! But we still managed to finish making 2 cakes in 2 hours.

Came upstairs and fell asleep after a while. Woke up and used the computer till 7pm. Then, everyone started arriving.

We had "Yee Sang" as usual. We even put cling wrap on the table to catch the "flying" ingredients. Later, we had dinner.

Each of us were given a Fortune Cookie. I cracked mine open and it said "Love is in the air". Haha, what a fortune...

Love is in the air

Hung around till about 10pm before we had ice cream cake from Haagen Dazs. Next up was family photo session.

Then, people started to go home. Watched TV till 12am...

Came upstairs and started to blog. Gonna end this post here because I have to get up early tomorrow. Night...

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