Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy Day

Woke up at 8.30am today and had breakfast. Later, I showered and got ready for college. Drove out to college and it was raining. Just as I reached, the rain stopped. Walked to class and met up with the others.

Two hours later, our AI class ended. ZS, AL and DY was touching up their assignments and binding it. Finally at about 2.30pm, we submitted our ISWE and JP assignment!

Then, AC, KW, ZS and I went to Puchong for lunch. We went to KungFu PanMee and I ordered their Teo Chew Pan Mee. It was a bit too plain for me though. After lunch, I sent ZS home and dropped AC and KW at the LRT.

Teo Chew Pan Mee - RM 6.00

Got back home by 4.30pm and slept till 6pm. Woke up to shower and worked on my assignment till 8pm. There wasn't enough food at home so mum brought M and I to BSC.

We ended up in Monte's. Shared some Ribs with mum and ordered a Garlic Bread to share with everyone. I also had a Mushroom Soup. Food here was good but overpriced. Their Moist Chocolate Cake was too watery, you can barely feel that you are eating!

Complimentary Bread

Garlic Bread - RM 3.60

Mushroom Soup - RM 9.00

Cajun Chicken - RM 22.00

Charbroiled Spare Ribs - RM 55.00

Moist Chocolate Cake - RM 12.90

We got back home at 9.30pm and I continued with my SDP assignment. Was done by 1am and will be sending it in for book binding tomorrow. Anyway, I'm going to bed soon. Night...

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