Thursday, July 8, 2010

Almost Ending

Woke up at 8am today and did the usual. Then, I drove to Gardens and met AC in Starbucks. We turned on our laptops and started working on our assignment. Finally at 12.10pm, we stopped and drove to college.

Drove by McD and bought lunch. I had an apple pie and some ice cream. Later, we realized that it's Thursday and I can't park next to APIIT. So, we went to buy a coupon and parked next to ENT3.

Went to 3-2-5 for our progression meeting. If I knew, I wouldn't have came. They were telling about how we can further our studies in APIIT and how many subjects we are allowed to fail. Both of this isn't any of my concern.

Progression Meeting itinerary

Also, out of the four scheduled speakers, only two came. One of them talked like a gangster (AC said she talked like a BARBARIAN) and the other came TWENTY minutes LATE!

At 3pm, I dropped AC at the KTM in MidValley before driving home. Then, I ate some ice cream. After that, it was time for my assignment again. Spent my whole evening working on one complicated loop.

Five hours later, I stopped to have my dinner. Then after another 45 minutes, I finally managed to figure it out and make the program work! :D

Took a shower and used the laptop after that. Talked on the phone for a while and started writing this post.

Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here. Bye.

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