Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday SS!

Woke up at about 10.30am again today. Used the laptop for a while before going downstairs. Spread some butter on some crackers for breakfast. Had a little bit of Green Tea Frappe too.

Later, I started reading my new TSG book. Then at 11.45am, all of us went into the car and drove off to Brickfields. Ended up at "Woo Lan" for lunch. Ordered a few dishes. It was just okay though.

Honey Ribs - RM 30.00

Sweet and Sour Pork - RM 20.00

Lemon Chicken - RM 20.00

Potato Shoots - RM 15.00

After that, we went to pick E from her school. Went back home and stayed in the living room reading TSG while the girls were watching TV. Then at about 5.30pm, mum, E and I went to MidValley.

We went to the MPH there and bought the rest of the "Mr Midnight" collection. In the end, we bought THIRTY-EIGHT books from that series. Mum got me another TSG too. Total bill was RM345.7 5 and MANY people were STARING at us. :S

The bill!!

Back home, I used the laptop for a while before showering. Then, we ordered Dominos Pizza. Mum and Dad both had dinners to attend. Pizza was quite good.

2 Regular Pizzas & Bread Twists - RM 33.00

Later, I came up and read some slides. Then, we called SS and arranged a meet-up. I drove my siblings to 105. After that, we drove for about 15 minutes before ending up at Rock Cafe (Food Court in Mutiara Damansara).

There, I ordered Teh O Ais and we had some popiah. Both of them were GOOD! Also, it was my first time where I actually SAT and WATCHED a match for this year's World Cup.

Teh O Ais - RM 1.30

Popiah - RM 1.90 per roll

Just before we left the place, Germany scored a goal! 2-0. After that, we said goodbye and drove home. Before we reached home, SS called and told us the match was over, and they scored 4-0!! GO GERMANY!! :P

Back home, we watched the highlight for about ten minutes. Decided to come back up and started blogging. Anyway, it's 12.30am already. Gonna end this post here. Goodnight...

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