Thursday, July 8, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

It's movie season! And again, Nuffnang is giving away 75 pairs of invites to watch SALT on 26th of July, TWO days before it is shown in cinemas. To win this, you have to write a blog post and tell your readers what will be your mission entrusted to you by Mother Russia and how will you execute it.

So if I was a Russian spy, I'd be ask to ASSASSINATE a few politicians. I would hack their handphones (I can't do that yet, but if I WAS a spy, I'm sure they'd teach me this) and use that to find out where they are.

Then, I'd make sure they are alone. When the time is right, I'll trigger their phones to SELF DESTRUCT! BOOOM! Job done. Clean kill!

Well, don't bother asking me who the politicians are. I don't want the ISA knocking at my door! :P


Click here for contest details.


  1. Yepp ... that'll be doing the country a big favor...

  2. @Dori No. I'm just following orders. Blame my boss in Russia :P

  3. **foot print**
    Thanks for ur visit and nanged.
    Nanged back and clicked on ur adv as well.^^


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