Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Woke up at 8am today. Had biscuits, showered, and drove to TPM as usual. Went to meet AC in the Discussion Room. There, we worked on our assignments till it was 1.10pm. Progress was pretty good! :)

Then, we went down to the Cafeteria for lunch. It has been a LONG LONG time since we ate here. The food was okay and the system has improved, furnishing too. But, the price is still on the high side.

Kampung Fried Rice - RM 5.00

After that, we went to class. Stayed there for an hour before it ended. Then, I dropped KW off at the LRT before going home. Took me longer than usual to get home because it was raining heavily.

Back home, I used the laptop for about 30 minutes to work on my assignment. Then, I decided to take a nap. Woke up a few times but still went back to sleep since the weather was so nice.

By the time I decide to wake up, it was already 8pm. I slept for 3 and a half hours! Dad came in and asked if I was sick, he even asked if I needed medication for my blocked nose. Later, for some reason, everyone thinks I'm sick. And when SS came over, he asked me if I'm okay. :S

Anyway, I had my dinner and started working on my assignment after that. At 10pm, I stopped and called it a day. Was really happy because I almost finished another module. :D

Went downstairs for some bread. Watched a part of ToyStory too. Then, I came up to shower. After that, I helped AC solve a problem before blogging.

It's 11.20pm now and I shall end this post here. I really want to watch the Germany game later but I gotta meet AC at 9pm tomorrow. Guess I just have to wait for the NEXT World Cup...


  1. yup wait for next world cup then... at least we din regret being a sleep head this morning =] thanks ya ^^

  2. Visiting here friend..Nice entry..check also my latest Haha

  3. who is AC or SS? Im always confused HAHA

  4. @Hilda Hey hilda, AC is the guy on top, Adrian. SS is my uncle. Due to the paranoia of my parent's, I am not allowed to post any names :(

  5. @kenwooi Not that great one wor. :P


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