Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Minute

Woke up at 8am and went had breakfast as usual. Drove to Gardens and met AC in Starbucks. Worked till about 1pm. Then, JW came to join us. The three of us then went to GSC.

The line was super long so we decided to eat at McD. Fifteen minutes before the show started, we went to the Reservation Counter and asked if we could purchase tickets for "Despicable Me".


They showed us the seat layout and only the FRONT ROW was available. So, we asked for "Despicable Me 3D" instead. The movie was at 4pm. So, we walked around to help JW help her friend buy a present for another friend. Confusing right? :P

At 3pm, we went to Krispy Kreme because I read a blog that said they were giving out free donuts at 11am, 3pm and 7pm. But once there, we saw a LONG queue. It was just a Original Glazed donuts worth RM2.50

Later, we decided to hang out at Austin Chase. AC paid, so thanks. The service was bad and the cakes were tiny. Anyway, we used our laptops till it was 3.40pm. After that, we packed up and walked to the cinema.

Tiramisu - RM 12.90

American Cheese - RM 12.90

"Despicable Me" is a cartoon comedy about a villain. This movie is AWESOME, and EVERYONE MUST WATCH IT. Not only that, please opt for THREE-D! You will NOT REGRET it.

Despicable Me :D

All three of us were laughing SO HARD till our stomach(AC) and cheeks (JW and I) hurt!! The minions are just SO CUTE and HILARIOUS!! Even thinking of it puts a smile on my face. :D

Back to my day, the movie ended at about 6pm. AC went back home while JW and I stayed in the Garden's Club. At about 7pm, we went into Paddingtons. After looking at the menu, we deciced to walk out and go to Tony Roma's instead.

We ordered a Caesar Salad and Half an Onion Loaf. The food was good. Our waiter didn't seem to keen with her job though. Anyway, we slowly ate our food as we were stuffed after that.

Complimentary Bun

Onion Loaf (half) - RM 12.90

Caesar Salad - RM 9.90

Then, I drove back to Sunway and dropped JW off. Got back home at about 10pm. SC came to help "fix" the WiFi dongle. In the end, he concluded that the piece of cheapstuff is indeed, useless. :P

Touched up my assignment till about 3am. Was too tired to blog so I went straight to bed...

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