Monday, July 26, 2010

Salty Monday

Woke up at 7.30am and had some biscuits. Took my shower and drove to college. Went to class but the lecturer did nothing but check our assignments. What a waste of time. Anyway, I used that time to finalize my ISWE.

After class, we hung around till it was 12.30pm. We then decided to go try the GCB in McD. But once there, I found out that they don't have the Lunch Set for it. So, I treated myself to my favourite burger, BIG and TASTY!!

Big and Tasty Set - RM 9.40

Later, we went back to ENT3 for our class. The ISWE lecturer just gave us some tips and our CSFF. Half an hour later, class ended. We then waited till 4pm before our AI lecturer came in. Class went on till 5.30pm.

Then, I dropped KW off at the LRT before picking JW up at Gardens. Went back home and I took my shower. After that, we went back to MidValley. Was lucky to find a nice parking spot.

Had dinner at Popeye's as I wanted to try their Wicked Chicken. I also ordered their "3oc Chicken Tenders". The food was okay but there was too much fried stuff and meat. Mashed Potato gravy was pepperish, which I found weird. Coleslaw was just okay.

3pc Chicken Tenders Set - RM 9.50

Wicked Chicken - RM 2.99 (add-on)

After dinner, we went to GSC and queued up. We were in the middle of the queue. Just as it was our turn to collect the tickets, they ran out of merchandise! :( Anyway, we took the tickets and decided to camp at McD.


Apple Pies - RM 2.10 (each)

We both ordered an Apple Pie. Then, we brought it upstairs where we ate and chat till it was 8.50pm. Later, we went into the cinema hall. Just before the movie started, the 3 best blog posts were announced. I didn't win...

Then, it was time for SALT! The action in this movie was quite realistic. Though there were parts where the backgrounds were quite poorly done. The train scene and the elevator jumping scene, to be exact.

One thing I like about SALT is the storyline, which I can say is INCREDIBLE! Many twists and turns in the story. But, I still predicted the ending. Wahahah!!

The movie ended earlier than expected. It was only 10.35pm! Dropped JW back home and realized that my radiator is faulty. Whenever I speed, the indicator goes to normal. But when I slow down, the indicator shows HIGH temperature.

Back home, mum and J shared some "interesting" stories. Then, I started using the laptop to chat and blog. Later, I helped mum update her long dead blog.

I'm gonna end this post here. Pictures are still being uploaded though...

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