Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Day with JW and Her Friends

So I woke up at about 10am after hearing some weird sounds from the computer E was using. Used the laptop for a while before doing some revision. Then, I went to shower and left the house at 11.30am.

Picked JW up from the hostel and we drove to Sunway Pyramid. Then, we walked to Tony Roma's and decided to have lunch there. The main reason we were here was because JW collected 2 receipts and each of them entitled us to RM10 off.

So we ordered our food and waited for L to come join us. At about 12.40pm, she arrived. Our food then arrived together (we told the waiter to do so) and started eating.

All of us ordered the set lunch. The cheapest was RM16.90 but it was SO WORTH IT! Our set comes with a soup, drink and a main course. I had Iced Lemon Tea, Potato Soup, and Chicken Tenderloin Platter.

Complimentary Bread

Potato Soup (from set)

Iced Lemon Tea (from set)

Chicken Tenderloin Platter - RM 16.90

Big Stake Burger - RM 24.90

Buffalo Sandwich - RM 18.90

The soup was filled with CHUNKS of potato and it was GREAT! The biscuit that came with it was nice too. Chicken was just okay but there was so much, I only managed to finish the chicken and left 3/4 of the fries untouched! Super STUFFED after lunch!

Later, we walked around before ending up in Guardian. There, I decided to buy some contact lens solution and saline. After that, we went to the ATM to check the balance of the TnG card that mum gave me.

Then, we went back to JW's hostel and I actually studied for an hour. Later, we hung out till about 6.45pm. VV, AF, JW and I then went into my my car and drove off to attend JW's Cell Group Outing.

First, we drove to CHC. Waited for AW to come lead us to XY's house in USJ2. We were having steamboat at his house. Met up with the rest of the Cell Group and we started preparing. Then at about 8pm, we started eating.


I only survived till round 2. After that, a few of us went to watch TV. Some of them stayed at the back and continued eating! We watched a documentary on Jack the Ripper till 9pm. Then, we watched "Semi-Pro" till about 11.30pm.

As it was quite late, we said goodbye and left. Dropped JW, VV, and AF back at their hostel before driving home.

Got home at 12.30am and I started uploading pictures. Took my shower and started blogging after I came out.

Anyway, it's 2am already. Gonna end this post here. Night...

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